An Open Letter to Kim Kardashian

Dear Kim,

You and I aren’t so different. We are both mothers. We both had to fight hard to conceive and deliver our kids. Like you, I had Asherman’s syndrome. I endured the hysteroscopies and the endless ultrasounds. I went through miscarriages. We both had our struggles, but we both ended up with beautiful children.

Unlike you, I ended up getting an extra surprise on the day of my daughter’s birth. You see, she was born with Down syndrome. I was completely unprepared for her diagnosis. I loved my child fiercely, as only a mother can do, but I struggled. I had to deal with a whole new set of worries in unchartered territory.

I am happy to say that today, I am an advocate for my daughter in every sense of the word. My daughter amazes me. She is brave, determined, and joyful. She has taught my family endless lessons. She is more alike than different. As her mother, I worry. I worry about how the other kids in school will treat her, and how they will perceive her. And my biggest worry of all is that someone someday will call her a “r****d”.

That word is now considered hate speech. Did you know that when you used that word live on social media yesterday? I know you said that you made a mistake. I give the people in my life grace when they use this word. I correct them and explain why it is so hurtful to myself and my daughter. But I give them grace.

However, I do not think I can grant you that same grace. Here is why. You are a public figure. You want the success that comes with being a celebrity, then do better. If you are filming, choose your words carefully. Choose them as carefully as you choose your wardrobe, because words matter.

Some teenager out there that worships you saw that video you posted and thinks it’s cool to use that word now. Who is the victim in all of that? My daughter and her peers. Mother to mother, I am begging you to remove that word from your vocabulary. I would not be the advocate I claim to be if I did not confront you about this. Spread the word to end this word.


One Pissed Rockin’ Mom

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  1. Beautifully written. You write so eloquently and from your heart. Your love and passion for your little girl and your family are fierce and admirable!!

  2. I couldn’t agree more except with the use of “hate speech”. The use of the word is cruel and ignorant but just because it is both of these does NOT make it hate speech. Hate speech is expressing the hatred of one particular group. Unless they are specifically attacking that group,just simply saying the word is not hate speech. This extreme PC nature is damaging our country. It’s okay to be angry, but it is not okay to make such damaging accusations as “hate speech”. You say your forgive those close to you, but can’t let it slide because she is famous? The ones closest to you are the ones who shouldn’t get the free pass. People seem to forget that those “famous” people are human too. Who cares what she says? Stop worrying so much about the “famous” and worry more about spreading your message.

    1. Hate speech is speech that attacks a person or group on the basis of attributes such as race, religion, ethnic origin, national origin, sex, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity. In most of my support groups, we aren’t even allowed to use the ‘R’ word when quoting someone. It is a hateful word that needs to be removed from common vernacular.

      As for giving my friends grace, but not Kim K, most of my friends aren’t celebrities. If they were and they used that word, live on camera, you can bet that I wouldn’t be so quick to give them grace. Celebrities are influencing our youth. Many people look up to them. They are held to a higher standard, as they should be.

  3. I too, am the mother of a very handsome 8year old trisomy 21. He is the best gift ever. Thank you for the blog for putting your foot down and saying NO I DONT Think you are going to get away with that R word!!! I did not following the KARDASHIAN clan… But I thank you for your response to Kim K…And the end of the day our kids needs us to always stand in the gap and advocate for them.

    1. Thank you for reading our post. Our kids are some of the biggest gifts out there. It’s our job to shout their worth and let the world know it. Let’s eradicate hate starting with the R word.

  4. I am big fan of Down syndrome, I even run local Down syndrome fan club here, we all are impressed by individuals with Down syndrome.

    1. They are very impressive. Adults with Down syndrome are running business, lobbying for their rights, starring in reality shows, teaching zumba classes, and writing books. The future has endless possibilities for them if the world just recognizes the value they bring to the world. Thank you for reading and following our blog.

  5. Once again Shannon your response to someone who does not even deserves the time it took you to compose your open letter is spot on!! I hope the moms that read it when published will discuss the content of your story with their teens and pre teens that for some strange reason idolize the Kardashians.


  6. Way to go Shannon, so proud of You……I can’t stand them Kardashian’s anyways, what is their talent, getting made up and going out……she could never be in the same category as you……I’d like to kick her in her big FAT ASS !! Love U !!

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